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Controlling the pressure, flow and direction of fluid power systems.

Valves to meet every unique requirement

A valve is a mechanical device that regulates fluid flow and pressure inside a system or process. They regulate the movement of liquids, gases, or slurries by either allowing or blocking the flow, as well as adjusting the flow rate and direction.

Industrial valves are used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, water treatment, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and many others.

Fluid Power Services offer a wide range of industrial valves that have each been designed with unique features and applications. Primary types of valves include ball valves, butterfly valves and gate valves. Most of these valves are crucial in pipelines, in applications such as flowing systems on ships, chemical processing, fire safe protection services or agricultural irrigation.

Harnessing and controlling fluid power

In industry applications, the proper selection and operation of valves is crucial to ensure efficient, reliable performance and safety. The choice of valves depends on the specific requirements of the system, including the desired flow rate, pressure, temperature, and the type of actuation needed for the machinery or equipment involved.


Imperative for Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems

At FPS we supply all types of Valves that are crucial for hydraulic and pneumatic systems such as Directional and Pressure Control Valves, Flow Control, Proportional Valves and Solenoid Valves.

From the intricate movements of heavy machinery to the seamless automation in robotics, valves play are indispensable components in modern applications.

With our extensive range of valves, you can always rely on Fluid Power Services to have what you need when building, repairing or maintaining your fluid power systems.

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