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Pneumatic Air Preparation

Enhancing the quality, safety, and efficiency of compressed air.

Extensive ranges of pneumatic air preparation equipment

Pneumatic air equipment is designed to ensure that all components of a pneumatic system receive a consistent rate of clean compressed air flow that is free of moisture and oil. This enables any pneumatic process to perform successfully and efficiently while providing a safe working environment.

Pneumatic air preparation equipment is crucial for ensuring the proper functioning and longevity of pneumatic systems. The key components of air preparation equipment typically includes filters. regulars, lubricators and combination units.

Fluid Power Services can offer high quality pneumatic services and top quality products, at affordable prices that perform to the highest of standards.

Our products consist of big brand names including Camozzi, PCL, John Guest, Norgren, Parkair, to just name a few. We have chosen these brands as they have been tried, tested and used for more than 30 years, meaning we would never sell a product that we do not believe in ourselves.


Filters are primarily used for filtering particles or moisture from the airflow to prevent interference from impurities downstream in the system. Filters come in a variety of sizes of threads and body to meet the needs of the application, with typical filters capable of removing particulates as small as 40µm. Finer filters can eliminate particles as small as 5µm or less.


Regulators are used for balancing and controlling the flow, with the responsibility of maintaining the air speed and flow. Regardless of the input pressure, this can be controlled either manually or automatically in such an easy process. They ensure consistent and precise pressure throughout the pneumatic system, enhancing performance and maintaining operational stability.


Lubricants help aid in the prevention of friction, allowing pneumatic components to perform more effectively and reducing wear and tear. Oil lubrication is a typical method in which oil-fog lubricators spread oil particles as mist into the compressed air stream.

Suppling brands such as PCL, Camozzi and Norgren. We understand some existing components may already be installed and need replicated to sample, and we always go above and beyond to source the solution.

Combination Units

There are air preparation systems available that include many types of equipment into a single system, saving valuable space. These combination systems are offered as a two piece unit consisting of a filter and a regulator, known as FR assemblies or systems. As well as a three-piece unit consisting of a filter, regulator, and lubricator known as FRL assemblies all units are complete with a gauge and mounting bracket.

Because these devices come in a variety of sizes, it is critical to ensure that they are compatible with the fittings in the system. Preparing the air before it is used in a pneumatic system will help you maintain your systems working smoothly and improve the life of your machine and equipment.

Combination units can be found in industries such as plumbing, medical equipment and firefighting, this would be tools necessary for responding to various types of emergencies.

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