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Quick Connect Couplings

Fast, secure, and reliable connections every time.

Connect and disconnect fluid or gas lines rapidly and easily

Widely used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems to build or discontinue the connection of fluids and gas in a pipeline, as well as the prevention of leakage. Quick connect couplings are designed to provide a fast, secure, and reliable connections.

Quick connect couplings consist of two main components, a male end and a female end. The male end typically features a protruding valve or mechanism, while the female end has a corresponding receptor or fitting. When the two ends are brought together, they interlock and form a tight seal, allowing fluid or gas to flow through the coupling.

They are to built withstand demanding environments and maintain their performance over extended periods of use. You will find Quick connect couplings are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including: in irrigation, test rigs, cooling, fuel systems, air tools, hydraulic & pneumatic systems within the pharmaceutical, food & drink, manufacturing, transportation and many other industries.

Fluid Power Services are stockists for one of the UK’s leading providers for pneumatic, hydraulic quick connect couplings and related fluid power products, Parkair, as well as suppliers CEJN, Holmbury and Snap-tite, so rest assured you will not be disappointed.

High quality, convenient, efficient solutions

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ISO A quick connect couplings

ISO A couplings consist of two series, namely IA and IAS. The IA series is constructed from carbon steel, while the IAS series is composed of stainless steel.

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ISO B quick connect couplings

We have ISO B quick release couplings perfect for any application, available in carbon steel, brass and stainless steel.

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Flat face quick connect couplings

We stock a vast range of flat face quick release couplings including the HQ, H and HSS series.

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Macdonald & Maclock type couplings

Designed for high pressure compressed air or inert gas. Widely used in Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants and within Engineering.

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