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Air Tools

Pneumatic tools powered by compressed air

Air tool needs? We’ve got you covered

Pneumatic air tools are lightweight, portable, and simple to use, and they can speed up activities such as drilling, sanding, painting, or spray painting.

If you’re seeking efficient, versatile, and reliable tools that can handle a wide range of tasks, look no further than pneumatic air tools.

These compressed air powered devices have revolutionized the way you can approach various projects, from automotive repairs and construction to woodworking and metalworking


Delivering safe, long-lasting performance

Fluid Power Services stock a wide range of products that will assist with precision, safety, control and will ensure optimal performance that will prevent damage.

We supply stock such as fuelling equipment, blowguns, pressure gauges, tyre inflation, pistons, sanders, drills, manual greasing equipment, battery operated greasing equipment, oil transferring equipment and fuel handling equipment so have no doubt you can rely on us to fit your pneumatic requirements.


Why choose FPS?

Look no further than FPS for quality assurance, expert advice, and competitive pricing. Our experienced team is here to guide you in finding the pneumatic air tools for your specific requirements.

We believe in offering the highest quality which is why all of our products are from leading manufacturers such as PCL, GROZ, HYTEK, SAMOA, Panther and Parkair.

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