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Food and Medical Grade

Hygienic, secure and leak-proof connections.

Hygienic, durable with trouble-free performance

Strong, easy-to-use, robust quick disconnect couplings fittings that provide hygienic, reliable, secure, leak-free connections for fluid and air systems.

Hygiene standards are of upmost importance especially where pneumatic and fluid equipment is used for installations where food, drink or medical supplies are being produced.

Noncorrosive materials such as stainless steel, nickel plated brass, aluminium and PPSU (plastic) may be used, depending on the application. Materials that don’t contain dangerous substances or toxins for use in food processing and packaging environments are available and many are FDA compliant.

A trusted brand that we can source is CPC (Colder Products Company) who produce quality fittings, quick connects, sterile connectors, liquid cooling disconnect couplings and many more for the biopharma, electric vehicle charging and medical applications.

High quality hygienic products

Stainless steel hygienic fittings and clamps, also known as sanitary fittings, provide a containment free connection that are easy to clean and adhere to global hygienic standards.

A range of food grade tubing, oils, fittings and QRC’s are stocked or can be sourced locally, along with airline equipment such as regulators, filters and cylinders, please ask for further information as data sheets can be provided.

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