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Providing leading products and services across the world’s busiest industries


Located on Liverpool docks, we are well-positioned to serve the Marine industry. Hydraulics, crucial in maritime applications due to its power transmission and motion control in harsh conditions, underpins systems like steering, propulsion, dredging, and cargo handling. Boasting an in-depth understanding of the marine industry, FPS has excelled in providing products, services and repairs on ships for over 35 years.

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We’re dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions for smooth, efficient, and safe operations in the pharmaceutical industry. Providing the components for powering laboratory machines, material handling, and automated manufacturing, enabling precise tasks such as filling, sealing, and labeling. Additionally, in sterile pharmaceutical clean rooms, we have the solutions to control air handling units and HVAC systems, ensuring the cleanest possible environments.

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Food and Beverage

Fluid Power Services is committed to helping companies within the food and beverage sector, meeting their distinct operational needs and regulatory requirements. Primarily chosen for it’s hygiene prerequisites, pneumatics stands as the favoured choice across numerous applications in this industry. In environments requiring impeccable cleanliness, such as those within the food sector, contamination risks are non-negotiable.

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Oil, Gas and Turbine

Fluid Power Services offers a wide array of products and services finely tuned to match the demands of this rigorous sector. Our expertise centres on providing high-quality fluid power systems designed to handle substantial power loads and withstand the harsh conditions prevalent in oil and gas operations. Whether onshore or offshore, spanning drilling rigs to offshore platforms, our solutions are meticulously tailored to precisely fit your requirements.

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In contemporary manufacturing, fluid power plays a vital role across virtually every phase of the production cycle, driving operational enhancements, amplifying productivity, and achieving unparalleled efficiency. Whether catering to general machinery like forklifts, loaders, and cranes, or addressing production-specific needs involving conveyors, robotic arms, hefty presses, or packaging machinery, companies can confidently rely on FPS for products and services.

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Efficient and dependable systems are crucial for sustaining the seamless operation of machinery and vehicles within the transportation sector. We take pride in providing tailored hydraulic & pneumatic solutions that cater to the distinct demands of this industry. From sustaining heavy-duty vehicles, furnishing components for aircraft landing gear mechanisms, or hydraulic train braking systems, to supplying pneumatic equipment for car repair workshops.

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Waste Management

Waste Management, a challenging industry which heavily depends on fluid power across various applications. Crucial for powering heavy equipment like cranes, loaders, and excavators employed in waste collection and transportation, hydraulic systems are equally essential for machinery within waste sorting and processing setups. At FPS, we provide hydraulic solutions that enhance the safety, cleanliness, and efficiency of waste management procedures.

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