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Ring Main Systems

Compressed air distribution networks

Essential for industrial and workshop productivity

A ring main system is a distribution network used to supply fluids (liquids or gases) to various equipment and machinery within a facility.


An efficient air ring main system is essential for industrial and workshop productivity. The fluid is supplied from a central source and circulates through the ring, providing a dependable and versatile source of power for tools, actuators, and other equipment, enabling smooth and precise control in diverse industrial processes.

Here at Fluid Power Services, we stock a variety of ring main system components from various brands such as AIRpipe, John Guest, Parkair & Sicomat that will guarantee an exact match to your application requirements.




We can design, create and manufacture

At FPS we can design, create and manufacture detailed ring main systems. Providing compressed airlines, equipment and carrying out onsite installations with a wide range of push fit and solvent weld pipe and fittings to suit our customers applications.  A closed looped circuit with multiple outlets, offering an alternative to traditional malleable iron setups with lightweight easy to connect Nylon, UPVC or Aluminium pipe options.

We have installed ring main systems in various industrial and commercial settings where a reliable supply of compressed air has been required for powering pneumatic tools, actuators, conveying systems and other equipment.

Need fittings? No problem

We are suppliers of a wide range of fittings to suit so you can install air lines or quick release couplings at any point for easy access to your ring main systems.

Malleable iron pipe and fittings are also stocked along with Nylon, Polyurethane, PVC and Copper pipe and fittings to suit all pneumatic installations.

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